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Monitoring VPN traffic for performance and security during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has, overnight, required seismic shifts in how we live, socialise and work. The next weeks and months are uncertain. What’s known today, however, is that for organisations to remain operational during this crisis, unprecedented changes in network policy and structure are required. VPNs are a popular solution, but managers must also be able to manage VPN connections. This is possible with Scrutinizer by Plixer.

How to be a better network manager in 2020

When dealing with the security of a network – which, for many organisations, houses large quantities of critical data – preparedness is key. Here are four ways network managers can improve in 2020 and beyond, to stand ready against the unexpected, remain adaptable to the unknown and, ultimately, protect critical network infrastructure to preserve brands and bottom lines. 

Placing network security at the heart of digital transformation 

High-performing organisations must be backed by high-performing networks, which are more than an amalgamation of the latest and greatest. Digital transformation empowers growth, but it must be done slowly, methodically and with due consideration to the security implications of expanding network capabilities.

Grafana: the observability platform that integrates with your existing tools

Different tools have different strengths and weaknesses. Some provide better monitoring, whilst others will tell you more about the data trafficked. But time is a resource, and it traditionally takes time to leverage the benefits of each network security tool. By combining the strengths of different tools into a single dashboard – fed into a single vision of your network’s health – Grafana radically decreases the human resource of assuring network security

How to monitor Microsoft Office 365 traffic with Plixer

And there are few services that organisations use more than Microsoft 365: as instrumental to modern workplaces as swivel chairs and whiteboards. Knowing how much traffic Microsoft 365 is using is important because it’s almost certainly using a lot – and understanding precise usage statistics is essential to optimising network performance

Navigating the edges: using Ixia Vision to monitor edge computing 

As network devices are required further from the network’s centre – disparately distributed across global networks – so too must network infrastructure and monitoring evolve to support them: the need to extend our networks close to activities underscores the popularity of edge computing.

Network security, Iran and the threat of cyber warfare

The threat of cyberwarfare is real, now more than ever, with nations poised in a game of tit-for-tat and retaliations, inching closer to a war in which it is programmers, not soldiers, fighting, exploiting vulnerabilities and exchanging digital fusillades

How to lock down endpoint security with Plixer 

If you’re a network manager, it’s likely endpoint security is on your mind: that which we have the least control over will always cause us the most worry. Gone are the days of networks housed under a single roof. Corporate networks are now fluid, dynamic and disparately located

Optimise network traffic analysis with Ixia: the network taps to beat

Introducing adequate network monitoring while maintaining performance is often a balancing act. It is this struggle that Ixia’s network taps solve. With them, data packets are collected and distributed at speed. Existing monitoring tools are optimised, and network performance is unimpacted by the improvement of analysis and security.

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