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Info Stor’s partnership with Ixia

About Ixia – world class network testing, visibility and security

Ixia is a US-based company that specialises in developing taps, packet brokers and other key components for network testing and simulation platforms.

From small beginnings in 1997, it has now established itself as a leading provider of network testing, visibility and security solutions. Its products help to safeguard the networks of a wide range of organisations around the world, including government agencies as well as businesses.

Ixia has expanded its technology portfolio through acquiring four other companies over the years then, in 2018, it was acquired itself by Keysight Technologies Inc.

We can offer their full range of products, but the ones we most often recommend to customers are their Flex Tap and their packet brokers, especially Vision Edge 40, Vision Edge 100 and Vision X.

Flex Taps

Connected to network cables, Flex Taps (terminal access points) create a duplicate version of the traffic passing through. They send this to a packet broker, such as Vision Edge 40, Vision Edge 100 or Vision X, which will then pass the data on to relevant network performance and security monitoring devices.

This avoids the potential negative impact on performance that could occur if monitoring tools were simply connected to the network directly.

Ixia network diagram

How Flex Taps fit into the network visibility and security fabric

Why Flex Taps?

  • As the name suggests, Ixia Flex Taps are highly flexible, excellent for scalability.
  • A wide range of versions is available. All are compatible with network monitoring devices from major manufacturers and are protocol agnostic.
  • Optimised for high volume, high performance fibre networks, operating at up to 400G, Flex Taps are 100% passive, so have no impact on network availability.
  • They don’t modify the traffic but replicate it exactly and send on real copies of the data packets.
  • Flex Taps are cost effective and compact.

See the Ixia Flex Tap products in our shop.

Vision Edge 40 and 100

Vision Edge 40 and 100 are packet brokers, designed to process data replicated by network taps, such as Ixia Flex Taps. They generate metadata on the traffic then distribute the data packets to other tools for analysis.

Fully-featured, both are suited for multiple uses in any kind of data centre set-up. They ensure that data is sent to the relevant tools, without anything being lost in the process.

They are capable of three stages of data filtering, as well as aggregation, replication and load balancing.

Watch this short video about how the products fit into a network and the benefits of using them:


Why Vision Edge 40 or 100?

  • Ixia’s Vision Edge E40 and Vision E100 are cost-effective network packet brokers. They are equally well suited to providing visibility of the activity handled by a single rack or a data centre of any size or set-up.
  • Both products are quick to deploy and easy to configure, using a straightforward user interface, and will integrate seamlessly into your network architecture.
  • Both incorporate Ixia’s patented dynamic filter compiler, which automatically resolves rule overlaps, making configuration easier and less prone to human error.
  • They can be reconfigured as needed, so you can use them flexibly as your network evolves.
  • They are highly versatile themselves too, able to cope with different speeds, even simultaneously, and work in perfect synergy with other products in the Ixia range.

See the Vision Edge 40 and Vision Edge 100 products in our shop.

Vision X

Ixia describe Vision X as a next-generation network visibility solution. They designed it with flexibility front of mind, so it can keep pace with even the fastest-growing data centre.

All models incorporate a modular chassis, with customisable front modules and module bays. All the ports are multispeed, capable of handling from 10 to 100G. And each unit can process up to 2 Tbps of data with no risk of packets being dropped.

Despite its capacity and flexibility, Vision X is surprisingly compact and energy-efficient.

Watch this short video about Vision X appliances and their capabilities:


Why Vision X?

  • Designed for high performance and maximum flexibility, Vision X can evolve along with your data centre.
  • Each unit is capable of processing up to 2 Tbps of data.
  • Up to 60 multispeed ports are all capable of handling speeds ranging from 10 to 100G.
  • Vision X can simultaneously monitor both inline and out of band.
  • Its advanced packet processing capability improves efficiency without the risk of packets being dropped.
  • The user-friendly, intuitive interface makes the products surprisingly straightforward to use.
  • Ixia’s dynamic filter compiler streamlines the configuration process and keeps the risk of errors to a minimum.
  • The compact design saves rack space, and the low energy consumption improves environmental performance.

See the Vision X products in our shop.

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