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Info Stor’s partnership with Endace

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About Endace – reliable, high-speed packet capture and network recording

Endace began in 2001, with a research project carried out at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. This resulted in the development of the first DAG (data acquisition and generation) Data Capture Card, which set a benchmark for reliable packet capture, or network traffic recording.

Today, some of the world’s largest organisations across a wide range of sectors use their network recording and visibility solutions.

Endace’s ultra-high quality, enterprise grade products are capable of handling large amounts of data on fast-moving networks and are backed up with excellent support. This makes them popular with government organisations, including military, as well as large media, web, finance, retail and telecoms organisations.

Endace’s network recording and analytics products

Endace offer a range of enterprise grade network packet capture and analysis appliances, featuring their powerful software. These integrate with network monitoring tools from vendors including Plixer and Securonix to produce highly scalable solutions.

The range comprises:

EndaceProbe Analytics Platform generates metadata, such as NetFlow or IPFIX, about the traffic it records and sends it to wherever it’s needed. Endace Fabric connects any number of EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms, bringing all network data together into a fully searchable ‘fabric’.

When your network monitoring tools pick up security or performance issues from the metadata, InvestigationManager will enable you to pinpoint the relevant packets. You can then resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

EndaceProbe Analytics Platform

EndaceProbe Analytics Platform

Why Endace’s enterprise network recording and analytics products?

Endace products work together seamlessly with each other and with third-party network monitoring tools to create powerful and fully scalable network traffic recording, monitoring and analytics solutions.

They will enable your organisation to keep a full, accurate and completely searchable log of the activity on your network, however heavy the traffic it handles.

Being able to trace the cause of any performance issue or security incident right back to the raw data at packet level will give you unrivalled control over your network.

Watch the following short video about how the EndaceVision software, which comes bundled with EndaceProbe Analytics Platform, works together with tools from Cisco and Plixer to investigate security issues:

See the Endace network recording and analytics products in our shop.

Endace’s packet capture hardware components

In addition to their off-the-shelf products, Endace offer a range of specialist hardware, enabling companies to build their own completely bespoke systems.

Their core offering is various versions of their DAG Card, plugin data capture cards, which are capable of handling large amounts of data at high speed and writing it to a hard disk.

They also produce a range of associated hardware components, which can be used in conjunction with the cards to build unique network monitoring appliances.

These include:

  • Taps
  • Transceivers
  • Timing accessories

Why Endace hardware components?

Endace’s DAG Cards not only capture high volumes of network data instantaneously but put a time stamp on every packet. Using Endace timing accessories, the internal clocks in several cards can be synchronised for complete accuracy.

The intuitive application programming interface makes creating unique and powerful network monitoring devices as easy as possible.

Endace’s reputation for high-quality, reliable products is well-deserved, and applies to their components as much as to their off-the-shelf offerings.

See the Endace hardware component options in our shop.

If you would like to discuss which options would be the best fit for your organisation please contact us.

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