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Cisco were our first ever vendor and are consistently our largest by revenue share. Our flexibility as a Cisco partner and our customised e-procurement integration options make us a great choice of supplier for medium and large sized organisations.

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ntop (yes it’s all lower case) offer an extremely popular range of network monitoring products including hardware and software for full packet capture and NetFlow/IPFIX generation. Originating from an open source community ntop are making advanced network monitoring technologies available to organisations of all sizes.

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Established in 1999 Plixer quickly became the dominant market leader in the collection, storage and analysis of network related metadata such as NetFlow, IPFIX and JFlow, a position they have held ever since with their products Scrutinizer, FlowPro and Replicator. Plixer enable medium and large sized organisations to gain 100% visibility of every conversation on their networks.

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AI Technologies are a team of highly qualified and experienced data scientists who specialise in designing and implementing artificial intelligence solutions based on technologies such as Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.

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Endace produce packet capture appliances and cards, suitable for large enterprises and government organisations, that are second to none in terms of performance, scalability, manufacturing quality and support.

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Ixia’s TAP’s and packet brokers remove the strain of monitoring from your production network. Traffic is duplicated and a secondary network is formed exclusively for monitoring purposes, with your tools only receiving the data they need.

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Statseeker by Techniche enables medium and large sized organisations to poll SNMP information from their network devices with super high speed and efficiency using small footprint hardware. Months or years of SNMP information can be stored and reported on instantly.

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Security log management is a big data challenge, to say the least, and can be a massive headache. Why implement a legacy SIEM tool like Splunk, Logrythm or Qradar and spend countless hours building your own analysis tool, when you could have machine learning and artificial intelligence built in from day one with Securonix? With Securonix all your log data is stored in Hadoop’s open data format so it remains highly portable. You can even use modules from Securonix to enhance your existing SIEM.

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