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What Data Does NetFlow Contain?

Have you heard about NetFlow but are unsure what it is capable of and what data it contains? Take a look at our chart containing a full list of the fields in Cisco’s NetFlow v9.

Cyber Warfare and Your Network

Are you concerned about cyber warfare and the potential fallout for your organisation? We review this increasingly dangerous phenomenon and ways to mitigate its threats.

How does Scrutinizer by Plixer work?

Have you heard about Scrutinizer by Plixer and want to know how it works? We explain the basic concepts and capabilities of this market leading network traffic analysis tool.

sFlow in more detail

In the last blog I looked at NetFlow in some detail. In this blog I am going to talk about its major competitor sFlow.

NetFlow in more detail

Detailed information about what NetFlow is, how it works and performance considerations when enabling it on network devices.

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