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Scrutinizer by Plixer, and the new Network Intelligence module

Scrutinizer by Plixer has introduced a new Network Intelligence module, which adds machine-learning capability to intelligently analyse data and decipher and identify patterns. This helps network managers stay proactive, one-step ahead of performance drops, bottlenecks and capacity requirements.

Using Scrutinizer by Plixer to monitor SD-WAN traffic

The popularity of SD-WAN is increasing in our new normal: a world that requires businesses and their employees to remotely collaborate. Here, we talk about SD-WAN vendors, and Scrutinizer as a unifying solution to help enterprises monitor and optimise SD-WAN traffic.

What data does IPFIX contain?

IPFIX is a rich source of metadata generated by routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points and other devices, about the traffic passing through your network. Here you’ll find a list of data contained in IPFIX.

The reports (and benefits) provided by IxiaFlow and Plixer’s FlowPro

Flow data is an aggregated form of data, and is an effective way of generating information required to troubleshoot network issues, resolve intermittent network performance problems, and map historical trends for capacity planning. In this blog post, we discuss the ways IxiaFlow and Plixer FlowPro report on flow data.

VPN users complaining of poor application experiences? Here’s how to fix the problem

In today’s ever changing world we are faced with an increased amount of remote employees. Making sure that those employees have access to their day to day applications has become priority. Are you looking for rich conversation visibility along with the flexibility to integrate that data into your current environment?

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