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Monitoring ping (ICMP) using Scrutinizer by Plixer

On some networks, managers choose to block ICMP traffic: a nuclear alternative to monitoring. But there are reasons to keep ICMP open – and ways to monitor it to keep it secure. Learn how to monitor ICMP and specify thresholds to alert of attacks with Scrutinizer by Plixer.

Improving network performance with Cubro: a network-visibility solution

Cubro is a suite of products that improve network visibility by duplicating traffic at the copper-and-fibre cable level, and routing it to the appropriate network application. Designed to work independently or in tandem with other products as a larger networking solution, Cubro augments network visibility to support network security and performance optimisations.

The future of cyber security: fraught but not lost

With more of us using our devices to accomplish just about everything, the stakes for network security managers are higher than ever. We’re entering into a new decade of cyber warfare, the increased sophistication of attacks exacerbated by our increased reliance on networks.

The network-security fight against human negligence

The fight against human negligence is only just beginning, with more users now connecting to corporate networks remotely. Errors are likely, and, within the cacoon of home-working, bad habits go observed. To protect against negligence, network managers must look to better policy awareness and enforcement, and solutions to provide a failsafe in case of security threats.

What 2020 teaches network managers about 2021

We need strong and secure networks now more than ever. 2020 brought with it many changes to how we live and interact with one another, as well as to the role of networks. Looking back at 2020, we can draw lessons for 2021 to ensure greater network reliability and security.

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