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Improving network performance with Cubro: a network-visibility solution

12th March 2021

Network visibility is the beginning of network performance optimisation. Sight is necessary for insight; to know what to improve, and how to improve it. Armed with the bigger picture – a topographic knowledge of the network landscape and all that passes through it – answers are more readily found. Too often threats to network performance stick around not for lack of a solution, but a lack of detection.

That’s where Cubro comes in. Whilst there is no shortage of network solutions that allow you to analyse traffic – such as Scrutinizer by Plixer – Cubro is different, and offers an additional, more foundational level of visibility. Cubro’s network taps duplicate traffic at the physical level – at the copper or fibre cable – and then filter and distribute packets to the appropriate monitoring solutions.

A network-visibility solution to support existing solutions 

The best solutions don’t replace other solutions, but complement them, maximising the insight extracted from data packets. Cubro works with and supports other network monitoring suppliers. By arranging data packets at the source – at the moment of cable-level production – it helps other solutions become more efficient, and the insight offered more accurate and impactful.

Cubro’s products can also be used within a standalone solution: you’ll know what works best for you. Some solutions are better at capturing packets, and some better at analysing them. Combined or separate, Cubro allows network managers to accelerate their network visibility, and achieve optimal levels of network performance and security. With more information taken from packets – efficiently brokered through Cubro’s Packetmaster – bottlenecks, disparities and threats can be more rapidly identified and resolved.

The benefits are numerous. To name a few: lower network management cost and increased ROI, greater data protection and more assured regulatory compliance. Any existing marketing solution is greatly improved by duplicating network traffic at the copper-and-fibre level. Think of it as a factory line for data: the network’s efficiency relies upon how effectively the data can be sought, and its delivery to the appropriate places.

The full list of Cubro products available includes Network Taps, Packetmaster, Sessionmaster, Omnia and Bypass Switches. A full feature list of each product can be found here.

Why increase network visibility

Cubro is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Austria. Its popularity reflects the demand for its products: increasingly, organisations, to maintain network performance and ward against security threats, are expanding their network visibility. How well a network runs – and the threats it faces – is recognised as a significant driver of organisational success, impacting, amongst other things, workforce efficiency.

The crux of a distributed workforce is the network. Losses in performance are losses in time. Organisations are relying on a specific list of applications to coordinate and communicate. These include Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. With Cubro’s products, network managers can now more easily pinpoint the source of traffic and route it effectively, ensuring that the story told is the whole story. Performance drops can be numerous and hard to pinpoint. Cubro – along with other networking solutions – makes understanding performance issues easier, providing a data-driven pathway to resolution and prevention.

For more information on increasing network visibility with Cubro’s products, and how they can be integrated to work alongside existing network solutions, contact us today.

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