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Info Stor’s partnership with Securonix

About Securonix – complete enterprise IT security monitoring

Securonix provides a flexible security monitoring solution that covers not just an organisation’s network but most aspects of its IT infrastructure.

Securonix products are capable of collecting huge volumes of data from a wide range of sources, including social media and in-house devices like badge readers as well as general web and network traffic. They also gather meaningful contextual information.

Leveraging the power of big data and patented machine learning algorithms, the Securonix Next-Gen SIEM analyses log files in real time to detect and address threats quickly, minimising the potential damage.

Ideally suited to the needs of large enterprises, Securonix products can be used either separately or together, forming a comprehensive IT security solution.

Headquartered in Texas, Securonix now have several offices across the US as well as bases in Europe and Asia.

Securonix Security Analytics Platform

Together, the Securonix products form an end-to-end IT security solution on a single platform, providing log management, advanced threat detection and intelligent incident response.

The platform offers unlimited scalability, making it ideal for large and growing organisations that handle massive volumes of data.

Each of the products can also be used independently and other solutions can be integrated seamlessly, for maximum flexibility.

How does the Securonix Security Analytics Platform work?

The Securonix Security Analytics Platform combines log management with security incident and event management (SIEM), user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) and advanced threat management.

It’s capable of handling input from sources including:

• Syslogs
• APIs (application programming interfaces)
• Databases
• Structured logs
• Unstructured data
• Hadoop
• Files
• LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
• LDAPS (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over SSL)

The technology uses the open source big data platform, Hadoop, making it completely flexible and scalable, coupled with analytics based on machine learning.

Common use cases for Securonix software

Companies, especially large enterprises, choose Securonix products for their application security monitoring, to defend against:

• Insider threats
• Cyber threats
• Cloud security issues
• Fraud

They may choose the Securonix Security Analytics Platform as a replacement for Splunk or a legacy SIEM, such as Qradar, Arcsight, Nitro or RSA.

Why Securonix?

• Securonix really stands out in this market, especially as the main competitor, Exabeam, is less mature and its data science less sophisticated
• The Securonix technology is capable of capturing and analysing data from a huge variety of sources
• Using advanced machine learning and threat chain modelling, it detects threats quickly, in real time, and ranks the alerts to help you prioritise
• The in-built intelligence means the Securonix Security Analytics Platform is capable not just of analysing logs but also taking action to counteract threats
• Being based on open source platform Hadoop makes it completely scalable and means the data is stored in a portable format so you’re not tied in
• It can integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions, including tools such as Splunk and Logrythm, for a co-ordinated approach, combining security orchestration, identity management, network access control and more

What are the options?

You can opt to purchase the entire Securonix Security Analytics Platform or buy the products of your choice individually.

The full range includes:

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM

Securonix Next-Generation SIEM pulls together the capabilities of the full range of products to provide user and entity behaviour analytics, threat hunting and security orchestration, automation and response, with unlimited scalability.

Securonix SIEM Cloud

Securonix SIEM Cloud offers all the capabilities of Securonix Next-Gen SIEM, but hosted solely in the cloud. The multi-tenant architecture means that your organisation’s data will be completely segregated.

Securonix UEBA

Securonix UEBA uses the power of behavioural analytics and machine learning on big data to detect unknown threats.

Securonix SOAR

Securonix SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) provides playbook-driven investigations and automated incident response, to detect and contain threats quickly, minimising damage.

Securonix NTA

Securonix NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) provides advanced threat monitoring, assessing network traffic, security logs and entity context.

Securonix Security Data Lake

Built on the open source big data platform Hadoop, Securonix Security Data Lake, used in combination with the other products, makes unlimited scalability and data retention as cost effective as possible.

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