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Running third-party analysis tools through Endace’s Application Dock: the best of worlds

3rd July 2020

EndaceProbe Analytics Platform is a device that enables you to capture full-packet data and generate insight into your network’s traffic and user behaviour. It dramatically increases incident-resolution speeds and ensures 100% capture of network activity at key network traffic thoroughfares, as well as recording a history of data to fuel learning and guide network optimisation.

But the device’s capabilities do not stop there; EndaceProbe is also the industry’s only open packet capture platform. Through a built-in hosting environment, it allows both the hosting of – and integration with – commercial, open-source and custom analytics applications. Endace is, after all, just one tool; most network managers use a combination of many tools and solutions, with different strengths, to ensure optimal network security and oversight.

Endace’s Application Dock

The hosting environment is Endace’s Application Dock: a virtual machine (VM) that hosts third-party security and performance analytics applications. Significantly, these applications can leverage the network packet data captured by EndaceProbe. The blending of EndaceProbe and Application Dock and other third-party applications – such as Plixer’s FlowPro, Bro, Snort, and Wireshark – do not just complement one another; they augment one another.

Integrating recorded network history with other tools leads to even faster incident resolution, accelerating investigations, and dramatically improves the productivity of network performance and security teams. A network in which tools work in isolation, each performing their respective role but not communicating, nor coordinating, is an unproductive network. Endace Application Dock expands upon the cumulative benefits of a suite of tools by enabling them to work together better – specifically, with EndaceProbe and the essential data captured through packets.

Integrate other analytics and performance monitoring solutions

Application Dock makes it easier to deploy third-party analytics and performance monitoring solutions where you need them. Deployment is virtual: simply integrate the solution to the VM environment of the desired EndaceProbe device. Thereafter, changes to deployment are just as easy. If a solution is underperforming in one location, move it to another – or, as is often the case, if a sudden need arises for improved analytics and performance monitoring, instantly deploy a solution – deactivating and activating licenses – without costly hardware changes. 

This flexibility not only decreases overhead – the cost of expanding coverage or improving monitoring is significantly reduced through the decreased cost of ownership and maintenance – but also leads to security and performance improvements overall, as the network remains resilient and adaptable to changing requirements, traffic spikes and security threats.

Combine the best of each

The real benefits of Endace’s Application Dock can only be understood by understanding those of the solutions that can be integrated with it. To learn more, read our previous posts that discuss the advantages of combining Plixer and EndaceProbe, or using FlowPro to curb data theft. For more information on Endace’s Application Dock, or to arrange a demo, contact us today.


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