Amazon Owned Storage Appliances – The New Import/Export Snowball
23rd October 2015

Amazon launched the first-generation AWS Import/Export service way back in 2009, designed for customers who move lots of data, now they are ready to unveil a new version, the AWS Import/Export Snowball.  It is faster, cleaner, simpler, more efficient, and  more secure and you don’t have to buy storage devices or upgrade your network.

Dell and EMC to merge, creating premier end-to-end technology company
23rd October 2015

Michael S. Dell, MSD Partners, and Silver Lake are leading a transaction to merge Dell and EMC, which will create the world’s largest privately-controlled, end-to-end technology company.

The transaction combines two of the world's greatest technology franchises, with leadership positions in servers, storage, virtualization and PCs.  Together they have strong capabilities in the fastest growing areas of the IT industry, including Digital Transformation, Software Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud, Mobile and Security.

1st May 2015

The internet is coming to rural areas via solar powered drones with lasers, helium balloons and low flying satellites thanks to SpaceX, Facebook and OneWeb.

Bill Gates Returns to Microsoft
6th February 2014

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that Bill Gates was returning to the company as a product and technology adviser to Satya Nadella, the company’s new chief executive. 

The Robots are Comming
28th January 2014

In December last year alone, Google purchased 3 robotics companies and merged them into their secretive Google X research division. In the not too distant future we expect to be marketing bipedal, robot assistants for business use but in the meantime, take a look at our remote presence robot manufactured by Beam in Palo Alto.

USB Power Delivery Due in 2014
31st October 2013
Universal Serial Bus Power Delivery (USB PD) is due for release in 2014 providing 100W per port compared to the 'current' 10W per port of USB 3.0 making possible a wide range of innovative charging solutions.
FIPS, HTTPS and NSA Back Doors
26th September 2013
Our encryption software meets FIPS standards but now FIPS and HTTPS are rumoured to have NSA back doors. Thankfully quantum cryptography is coming.
EMC Releases New Midrange Storage Arrays
19th September 2013

EMC's new range of flash-optimised VNX storage arrays (VNX5200, VNX5400, VNX5600, VNX5800, VNX7600, VNX8000 and VNX-F) are now available from Info Stor. For more info contact

UK Government IT Procurement Framework Announced
27th June 2013

The UK Government Procurement Service has just announced the IT Hardware and Solutions (ITHS) framework agreement which provides a range of IT products, services and solutions available to all public sector organisations across a range of lots with an estimated annual spend of GBP 4 billion. Info Stor intends to bid for inclusion on this so fingers crossed!  

Private Aviation Client Builds a SAN for Backup
28th February 2013
One of Info Stor’s private aviation clients has purchased Symantec’s Backup Exec V-Ray Edition for use in conjunction with an existing server, a storage array, switch and a tape auto loader to form a SAN which they will use exclusively for Backup. We’re calling it a Backup Area Network (BAN).
Storing Information in DNA
9th February 2013

DNA is already used to store information in the form of genomes of every living organism on Earth. Artificially constructed DNA is capable of storing the roughly 3 zettabytes of digital data thought presently to exist in the world. It would do so with a density of around 2.2 petabytes per gram, enough to fit all the worlds’ digital information into the back of a lorry.

2 Year Global Supply Contract Extended
6th February 2013

Great news, our global supply contract with part of the UN has been extended for another 2 years.

Phase-Change Memory
22nd September 2012
Re-writeable optical storage, such as CD-RW and DVD-RW disks use materials called chalcogenides to store data. Bursts of energy from a laser melt the material into states of amorphous "0" or crystalline "1". The technology is now being applied to memory chips using gentle pulses of electrical energy instead of a laser to do the melting. The new chips are around 100 times faster than the flash-memory found in USB Drives and SSD's and are able to serve simultaneously as storage and working memory thus forming a new category called "storage-class memory".
Windows 8 Launch Date Announced
26th July 2012
Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will launch on 26 October 2012. We expect the launch of Office 2013, which will run best on Windows 8, to follow shortly thereafter.
Microsoft's Significant Price Increase
26th June 2012
Microsoft's licensing prices will increase between 7.5% and 33.5% in July. Be sure to plan your order carefully in advance.
Can I use your Li-Fi?
29th February 2012

Engineers have developed a way to transmit computer network signals using LED lights that flicker almost imperceptibly. The signals are received by tiny cameras.

World’s Smallest Magnetic Memory Bit
16th January 2012

IBM have created the world’s smallest magnetic computer memory bit using only 12 anti-ferromagnetically coupled atom bits. The experimental low-temperature memory is 100 times denser than current hard-disk drives and 150 times denser than solid-state memory chips, which use around one million atoms to store a single bit of information. 

Info Stor - Delivering Internationally
17th November 2011

 Under the 2 year global supply contract won by Info Stor in March this year, we have since delivered IT equipment to Costa Rica, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Kuwait, France, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, USA (Alaska), Russia (Kirov) and Argentina.

World PC Sales Gained Just 2% in Q2
14th July 2011

The results:

1) HP 15m, 2) Dell 10.6m, 3) Lenovo 10.2m, 4) Acer 9.3m, 5) Asus 4.4m.

US and Europe declined while India and China gained, sales of netbooks declined, tablet sales not included.

World PC Market Share by Manufacturer 2010
14th April 2011

Hewlett-Packard 17.9%, Acer Group 12.9%, Dell 12%, Lenovo 9.7%, Toshiba 5.4%, others 42.1%.

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