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Plixer Scrutinizer Hardware Appliance SCR-HDW Subscription for 50 Devices

Product code: SCR-HDW-50-3yr

Plixer Scrutinizer Hardware Appliance collects and analyses up to 100,000 flows per second and stores an unlimited amount of data (subject to your own storage capacity).

Licensed to collect flows from up to 50 devices.

3 or 5 year subscription available payable yearly.

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Product Description

Engineeered for collection and reporting on all flow-based network monitoring technologies such as NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, J-Flow, App-Flow, NetStream….

Comes pre-configured with a complete version of Scrutinizer including Flow Analytics.

Has a storage capacity of 1.8TB.

Shipped pre-configured and optimised to deliver a fully turn-key solution.


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