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Plixer Scrutinizer Hardware Appliance SCR-HDW Subscription for 50 Devices

Product code: SCR-HDW-50-3Y

Plixer Scrutinizer Hardware Appliance SCR-HDW collects, stores and analyses up to 100,000 flows per second. It’s engineered for collection and reporting on all flow-based network monitoring technologies, such as NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, J-Flow, App-Flow and NetStream.

It comes pre-configured, with a complete version of Scrutinizer including Flow Analytics, and optimised to deliver a fully turn-key solution.


About Plixer Scrutinizer

Scrutinizer is a network traffic analysis tool that will give your organisation 100% visibility of all activity on its network, both in real time and historically. It delivers fast reporting and rich forensic data to help you resolve security and network and application performance issues more efficiently.

Scrutinizer is available as a physical or virtual appliance or as a cloud-based software-as-a-service offering. The licence tiers allow you the option of starting small, monitoring just one flow-sending device, then scaling up to monitor multi-millions of flows per second.

Discover more about Scrutinizer and the product licence options

This licence for Plixer Scrutinizer Hardware Appliance SCR-HDW will entitle you to collect flows from up to 50 devices and offers storage capacity of 1.8TB. It is available on either a three or five year subscription, payable yearly.

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