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Plixer Scrutinizer from Info Stor

Plixer Scrutinizer logoPlixer Scrutinizer – 100% network visibility

Scrutinizer provides full visibility of every network conversation, enabling network security (SecOps) and network performance (NetOps) personnel to work much more efficiently.

It provides details of malicious activity and quickly determines the causes of issues such as high bandwidth use, jitter and latency.

Scrutinizer’s highly intuitive interface enables easy resolution of network issues and proactive ongoing monitoring.

How does Scrutinizer work?

Most of the network infrastructure devices in your organisation, such as routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points and so on, are capable of generating rich and detailed metadata about the traffic that is flowing through them. Examples include NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, Jflow and Junos Traffic Vision, but there are many more. Scrutinizer collects this metadata and provides comprehensive reports to tell you exactly what is going on. Scrutinizer also contains sophisticated algorithms that analyse the metadata and provide alerts on suspicious activity.

Another way to gain visibility of network traffic would be to capture and record all of the network traffic, but this would consume a large amount of storage capacity. The metadata collected by Scrutinizer takes up very little storage space, so you can keep it as long as you need it. A full set of storage parameters is available in the Scrutinizer user interface, along with a handy calculator, and you can adjust it as needed.

In addition to all the standard reports, Scrutinizer also contains a report designer that enables users to create their own custom reports to show the exact information they need.

Watch the following short video about Scrutinizer:


Common use cases for Scrutinizer

Our customers often choose Scrutinizer for:

a) Security analysis

b) Network performance monitoring (NPM)

c) Employee productivity monitoring

Why Scrutinizer?

  • Scrutinizer is a powerful tool for both comprehensive network security analysis and network performance monitoring.
  • Scrutinizer’s user interface is incredibly flexible, enabling you to view information from NetFlow and interact with it exactly how you want. It’s also highly intuitive, ideal, especially in high pressure situations.
  • Scrutinizer includes a comprehensive selection of pre-built reports. It’s also quick and easy to build your own bespoke reports.
  • Comprehensive SIEM integration for Splunk, Elastic Search, and others via Scrutinizer’s API.

Upgrade to Scrutinizer

Some customers begin their journey into network traffic analysis with other tools and are eligible for upgrade pricing, for example:

  • Cisco (formerly Lancope) Stealthwatch
  • SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)
  • PRTG
  • Darktrace
  • Niometrics
  • Rapid7

Scrutinizer offers integration with SolarWinds Orion and PRTG, if needed.

How is Scrutinizer licensed?

Multiple editions of Scrutinizer are available, including virtual or hardware appliances. The hardware will be custom-built to your requirements, with the software pre-installed, which offers superior performance. You can compare the various options on the chart below:

Scrutinizer licence tiersFreeMDXSSRVSCRSCR-HDWVDRHDR
Flows collected per second10K10K10K40K100KUp to 4+ million Up to 4+ million
Length of time raw flows are kept5 hours24 hours Unlimited Unlimited CustomUnlimited Unlimited
Days of historical flow roll ups1 week Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited CustomUnlimited Unlimited
Numbers of flow exporters supported5Pay by device Pay by device Pay by device Pay by device Pay by device Pay by device
Flexible licensingLimited
Advanced reporting on all vendor specific exports
Full stitching and deduplication
3rd party integration (eg Splunk, Elastic Search etc)
Support for all versions of NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow etc
Support for all vendor enteprise IPFIX elements
Ability to create filters to narrow in on traffic
All exporters index search for a host
Scheduled emailed reports (HTML and PDF)
Scheduled email top interfaces
Export data in CSV format
Saved reports
Access to API
Report designer to build new reports from flows
8am-5pm Eastern Standard Time technical phone support
Create dashboard
Auto DNS resolve host names
Configure and trigger notifications
CSV export of tables (eg alarms, status etc)
Flow hopper to show flow path - hop to hop
Set thresholds in saved reports to monitor traffic
Define IP groups and report
Multi-tenancy module - keep selected data private
Real-time DDoS detection
Threat detection algorithms
Business hours based reporting
ASA ACL descriptions

AWS kinesis streaming
Cisco: Sourcefire eStreamer
LDAP, Radius, Tacacs authentication support
Number of login accounts25Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of security groups25Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
IP address to user name correlation support
Optional 7x24 technical support
SSO support
SD-WAN visibility/support
Plixer Security Intelligence
Plixer Network Intelligence
Unified distributed collector support
Ability to scale with many 40k flows per second virtual collectors
Ability to scale with many 100k flows per second hardware collectors
Upgrade paths are available for all licence tiers

Scrutinizer is also available as cloud-based software as a service.

You can see a selection of the most popular options in our shop.

Complete our Plixer Scrutinizer free trial form and receive an unlimited copy to test for 14 days.

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