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Plixer Replicator Virtual Appliance Subscription

Product code: Replicator-V-3Y

Plixer Replicator transparently duplicates UDP (user datagram protocol) datagrams to multiple destinations. This makes it much harder for hackers to delete logs in an effort to cover their tracks.

About Plixer Replicator

Replicator sits on the network between devices involved in exporting UDP metadata and products designed to collect that data. It copies the data then forwards it from a single consolidated IP address to network management tools and network security tools such as Scrutinizer.


• protects the devices exporting the data
• helps to maximise the value of network monitoring and security products
• and reduces overall data traffic volumes and the load placed on routers and switches

For maximum efficiency, DSP (digital signal processor) deterministic packet forwarding ensures that Replicator only sends packets to management stations that are up and running.

This virtual version of Plixer Replicator is available with a three year licence.

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