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Plixer Replicator from Info Stor

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Plixer Replicator – secure data stream replication to multiple destinations

Replicator aggregates, replicates and distributes flow and log metadata exported from network devices, across multiple monitoring tools, like SIEM (security information and event management), syslog and flow collectors.

How does Replicator work?

Replicator takes streams of UDP (user datagram protocol) metadata, such as NetFlow and IPFIX, aggregates and replicates it, then forwards it to multiple destinations.



Common use cases for Replicator

Our customers tend to use Replicator for:

a) Forwarding flows to multiple destinations to ensure high availability

b) Facilitating disaster recovery

c) Converting syslogs to to IPFIX

d) Foiling hackers who try to delete log files

Why Replicator?

  • Replicator enables you to export network-related metadata to all the places, products and tools where it delivers value.
  • It allows you to add new network monitoring tools without the need to configure network devices to generate multiple streams of flow, which would cause additional CPU overheads.

How is Replicator licensed?

Replicator is available as either a virtual appliance or a custom-built hardware appliance.

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