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Plixer FlowPro Defender Virtual Appliance Subscription

Product code: FlowPro-VA-DS-3Y

More than 90% of malware exploits domain name system (DNS), bypassing firewalls and using DNS servers to communicate directly with network assets. Installing the FlowPro Defender network probe where it can monitor all your DNS traffic will enable you to gain valuable information about what is entering and leaving your network over DNS.

Using a combination of deep packet inspection and behavioural analytics, FlowPro Defender quickly identifies assets compromised by malware that has attempted to abuse your DNS.


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About Plixer FlowPro

This product also provides all the benefits of FlowPro, equipping you to perform root-cause analysis of both network performance and security events so you can optimise your network and respond quickly to security incidents.

TAP, SPAN or mirror to send a stream of network traffic to FlowPro, which will then generate rich IPFIX metadata and forward it to Scrutinizer for collection, storage and analysis.

FlowPro Defender generates enhanced IPFIX containing many additional data types relating to application performance and security.

The price listed here is for the first year of a three year subscription of Plixer FlowPro Defender Network Probe Virtual Appliance. There is also a five year subscription option.

This product is also available as a custom-built hardware appliance.

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100 in stock

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