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Plixer FlowPro from Info Stor

Plixer FlowPro logo

Plixer FlowPro – delivering enhanced network insight and security

Going beyond standard metadata generated by network devices, FlowPro provides additional insights into networks. For example it facilitates deep packet inspection and extraction of FQDN (fully qualified domain names) for encrypted traffic as well as DNS traffic analysis to detect data exfiltration.

How does FlowPro work?

Essentially FlowPro is a probe that takes a stream of raw network traffic from a TAP (terminal access point) or SPAN (switched port analyser) port then uses that to generate enriched NetFlow or IPFIX. These flows can then be sent to a flow collection and analysis tool such as Plixer’s Scrutinizer.

Common use cases for FlowPro

Our customers tend to install FlowPro when:

a) They’re worried about security issues within DNS traffic

b) Blind spots exist on their networks where devices don’t have the ability to generate metadata, such as NetFlow and IPFIX, about the traffic passing through them

c) They’re concerned about the performance impact of generating metadata on network devices

Why FlowPro?

  • FlowPro generates security and application performance metrics, providing insights that are not available elsewhere.
  • FlowPro can generate NetFlow or IPFIX completely independently of any network devices.

How is FlowPro licensed?

FlowPro is available as a virtual appliance in four different editions, or as a custom-made hardware appliance. You can compare the various options on the chart below:

FlowPro licence tiersFlowProFlowPro APMFlowPro DefenderFlowPro APM-Defender
Obtain traffic visibility from all network locations
Monitor network traffic
Virtual appliance available
Physical appliance (with up to 7 monitor ports) available
Monitors via SPAN, mirror port or Ethernet tap
ERSPAN support
Troubleshoot latency issues
Measure application round trip time
Packet-level performance metrics
Resolve network performance issues
Identify layer 7 applications
Monitor latency for layer 7 applications
Monitor latency for clients/servers
Monitor VoIP performance
Detect malware DNS data exfiltration
Detect malware DNS command and control
Detect compromised assets using DGAS
Alert on DNS lookup to known malware C2 sites
Alert on DNS lookup to user-defined domains
FQDN reporting
DNS performance visibility
Upgrade paths are available for FlowPro, FlowPro APM and FlowPro Defender

See the FlowPro options available in our shop.

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