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Plixer FlowPro Combined Defender & Application Performance Monitoring Network Probe (APM) 3 Year Subscription

Product code: FP-VA-COM-3yr

Also available as a custom built hardware appliance.

3 or 5 year subscription available payable yearly.

Contact us for a free 30 day trial, web session and pricing.


100 in stock

Product Description

FlowPro can be deployed to deliver additional valuable network and security insights.

Key Features are:

  • Obtain traffic visibility from all network locations
  • Monitor network traffic Virtual appliance
  • Physical appliance (with up to 7 monitoring ports) available Monitors via SPAN, mirror port, or ethernet tap ERSPAN support.
  • Troubleshoot latency issues
  • Measure application round trip time Packet-level performance metrics.
  • Resolve network performance issues
  • Identify layer 7 applications, monitor latency for layer 7 applications
  • Monitor latency for clients/servers monitor VoIP performance
  • Detect malware DNS data exfiltration
  • Command and Control Detect compromised assets using DGAS Alert on DNS lookup to known malware C2 sites Alert on DNS lookup to user-defined domains FQDN reporting DNS performance visibility




100 in stock

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