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Improve threat-detection speed and network analysis with EndaceProbe

5th December 2019

The sooner you’re able to detect a threat, the sooner you’re able to resolve it. This basic reality underscores the value of EndaceProbe: a unique network recorder and analytics platform that houses numerous network security and monitoring applications in a single network appliance.

The best answer to threat detection is in the efficient and effective capturing of packet data. Packets are the resource that fuels all application and network analysis and, consequently, cybersecurity, by making it possible to identify behaviours and attack vectors. For many, however, this creates a challenge; a resource is only valuable to those that have the means to access it. 

How EndaceProbe empowers and enriches network data

EndaceProbe provides accurate, continuous packet capture to help network managers reduce costs and increase productivity. Each of these elements is essential: that packet capture be continuous, 24/7, cover the entire network, and be accurate. Packets are only worth what they can tell you about a specific activity. With Endace’s Provenance feature, packets are automatically tagged with context data as they’re captured (similar to the metadata within digital images). Metadata is written into the packet as it is recorded, so context – from where and when the packet was captured, for example – always lives within the packet data.

With the year-on-year increase in network traffic, and as activities and systems that use network traffic continue to diversify, understanding the what, why, and where of packet data is critical. To capture traffic and know there was activity is not enough; when you’re dealing with cybersecurity, the more you know, the better equipped you are to combat threats.

As with all EndaceProbe’s capabilities, enriched packet capture is possible both for the appliance’s housed Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) capabilities. Together, these help you trace root causes sooner, and identify potential threats before any damage to the network is incurred.

It’s also true that some threats won’t be known until after. Packet analysis can take time – the crucial component is whether there’s still evidence available (through recorded packets) once security or performance monitoring tools have spotted an alert. With evidence, behaviours can be recognised, vulnerabilities understood, and solutions designed to combat further threats.

Analyse, recognise and act

The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform makes possible the real-time capture, storage and analysis of petabytes of network history. It is designed as a complete and comprehensive solution for the monitoring and analysis of application and network traffic – but with an emphasis on the ability to retrieve data about an event after it has occurred (to, in other words, extract the proverbial needle from the haystack). Through a recent update, Endace appliances also now feature an InvestigationManager: an application that allows analysts to conduct quick searches across petabytes of network history data recorded by EndaceProbe.

Its ultra-fast response times gives you immediate access to the information – taken from across the entire network – you need to assess and understand threats.

EndaceProbe allows you to do a lot more with a lot less, bringing your application and network monitoring and analysis into a single solution with complementary functionality and capabilities. As an open platform, EndaceProbe also gives you the flexibility you need to maintain control; you can choose the applications you wish to deploy, where and when you wish. This is great for efficiency, and essential for being able to expand your capabilities when needed and in line with budget requirements.  

For more information on EndaceProbe and the capabilities it offers, contact us today.


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