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Begin 2020 by optimising network performance through Statseeker 

6th January 2020

Once upon a time, data was king. Now, in 2020, data is life: the virtual blood of our modern existences, coursing through the networks that make up our global body. Maintaining the flow of data is critical. Understanding it is essential. As with any living organism, networks are susceptible to downturns in performance. To mitigate these, optimise and sustain the health of a network, you need a solution that can empower your monitoring and data gathering capabilities.

The more we see

Most modern networks extend far outside of single office buildings. They’re national, if not global, accommodating a broad range of use cases and supported by a catalogue of devices. The challenge of monitoring networks scales with their size. Monitoring is sometimes the last concern of the budget setter, but always the first concern of the network manager.

Monitoring must scale with network capabilities, facilitated by new solutions that allow for wide network coverage, behavioural analysis, incident detection and insight that goes beyond the surface level of data – that can accurately and decisively monitor a multitude of data types across global networks, and report on behaviours to inform network optimisations.

Statseeker: the difference-maker

Over the last decade, the challenges and demands of networks have changed radically, and the next 10 years are likely to deliver a similar pace of evolution. We’re at the doorstep of IoT becoming a mainstay of everyday households. The online will continue to integrate with our offline lives, weaving an indispensability until, eventually, we’re always online: wherever we are, a device will be with us receiving and transmitting data.

Monitoring this data is the duty of network managers, and it requires a solution able to scale and evolve alongside these new demands. Statseeker is an agnostic and predictive network monitoring solution that allows you to increase network performance and efficiency while reducing downtime. Statseeker monitors networks of any size, and can assess data including SNMP, ping, NetFlow (sFlow and J-Flow), syslog, and trap messages.

The capability to monitor more data leads to better reporting, anomaly detection and incident isolation. More accurate reporting results in more impactful network strategies and optimisations which, in turn, enable organisations to spend less on protecting and preserving network performance. Alongside minute-by-minute visibility with blanket network coverage (one server is able to monitor up to 1,000,000 network interfaces on physical and virtual networks), Statseeker offers trend analysis and forecasting. Data is stored in its original detail, ready to be used to create accurate analytics reports and for capacity planning.

For more information on Statseeker and how it can help improve your network’s performance in 2020 and beyond, contact us today.

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