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Become a proactive network security manager with Nipper and Paws by Titania

11th September 2019

Network managers understand security not as a given, but as something to carefully watch and assiduously maintain. Many small enterprises mistakenly believe that a single software solution installed onto devices is enough to ensure security and peace-of-mind.
Others, however, understand that when it comes to network security, nothing can be assumed, and everything must be assured through rigorous management.

With cyber-attacks on the rise, a network manager’s responsibility – to be the vigilant protector of a network – is greater than ever. This means being proactive: assessing new attack vectors, identifying vulnerabilities, and monitoring risk and compliance. It also means understanding that the best solution is a combination of solutions, and that the exploration of new options is an ongoing necessity.


Proactive network managers don’t wait for problems to come to them; they go out to discover them in their infancy. To prevent network downtime or interruptions to performance, prognosis will always beat diagnosis. Nipper by Titania is a tool that helps network managers perform more accurate configuration vulnerability audits for better risk management, to pre-empt performance-impacting vulnerabilities.

For every network device configured or setting changed – which can number in the thousands – new security risks are potentially opened up. A network is secure until it’s not; the only question is whether the network manager or the malicious actor is the first to discover a new vulnerability. In addition, many network managers are stepping into the shoes of another, and may not know the configurations set up by a predecessor.

Nipper helps validate network security. It automates the checking and validating of each device’s configuration. This not only leads to complete assurance of network and legal compliance, but saves the network management team considerable time; Nipper’s virtual modelling identifies exact problems and fixes, to reduce false positives and eliminate guesswork. Nipper also means more accurate and timely reporting for quick identification of undiscovered vulnerabilities, whether in firewalls, switches or routers, and prioritisation of risk.


Paws by Titania offers similar functionality to the above – ensuring security and legal compliance – but for the devices most likely to be regularly configured and have the most varied configurations: PCs, servers and databases.

With Paws, each workstation, laptop or server can have its compliance with industry standards validated in a matter of minutes – or, alternatively, validated to a set of in-house, configurable standards with which all network devices are required to comply.

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

Nipper and Paws help network managers transition into proactive, security-first network managers. Given the pace at which networks are evolving – and at which malicious actors are adapting to exploit new vulnerabilities – the need for intelligent, real-time insights and by-the-minute validations has never been more important. Now is the time to change your approach, to introduce better best practices, and reduce the time required to validate and ensure compliance. A healthier and better protected network doesn’t always mean more resources; it can simply mean better solutions.

To discuss introducing Nipper or Paws into your network solution, please contact us today. We’d be happy to arrange a demo.

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