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Statseeker SNMP Network Monitoring Software

Product code: Statseeker

Collects, stores and reports on SNMP data at high speed and with minimal system resources. Scaleable to cover the largest enterprises and government organisations with hundreds of thousands of ports/interfaces.

Provides in-depth visibility so you can see what is happening before it impacts users or customers, allowing you to save time and money in your operations.

Product Description

Installed on a single server as an appliance

Up and running within minutes

Low impact discovery method

Discovering a network of 600,000 interfaces in less than an hour

User based access control

User Authentication can be integrated to Active Directory

Providing total visibility across the entire network infrastructure

From a 64bit single server requiring no new equipment or additional pollers

Powerful monitoring

Statseeker specializes in SNMP data collection for the entire network, we also include Netflow and sFlow data

collection as part of the license, avoiding the purchase of an expensive Netflow data collector.

Monitors every device on the WAN and LAN

Polling interfaces every 60 seconds

Low bandwidth utilization

Minimal impact on your network

Monitors inventory information, collects Netflow, syslog, SNMP traps and UPS

1 Second diagnostic SNMP poller

Troubleshooting capacity for individual interfaces by on-demand 1 second interface polling for bps

Self maintains with automated rewalks


Dashboards & Viewers

Allows you to create a representation of the network that you want to see, whilst making it easy to identify trends

and hot spots on the network instantly.


Fast Reporting

Data is provided in real-time, reports which can be generated in seconds and customised to suit a group or individual.

Networking statistics including latency, bandwidth utilization, errors, discards, CPU, memory and temperature

MAC IP Switch data

New device support and updates

Netflow, Syslog and SNMP traps

SLA reporting

Network usage statistics

Threshold and advanced alerting options

Customizable reporting options with scheduling

Real-time, configurable dashboards per user

Customizable dashlets – easy to use and very practical

Graphics are clear, reports are immediate, alerts are instant, and there are threshold and advanced alerting options

Report examples: MAC IP Switch data, SLA Reporting and Top X Network Summary


Smart Data

Not only are you able to meet compliance and audit requirements, you can track trends, identify issues and make decisions

with 100% confidence in the integrity of your network information.

Gathers the data in 60 second intervals

Has advanced Auto Grouping

Data is never rolled up, aggregated or averaged

Data is saved indefinately in a purpose-built time series database, with no external database dependency.

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