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Ortea Vega Voltage Stabilizer 5K VA

Product code: VEGA 5-25

The voltage stabilizer has proven to be an effective solution to prevent potentially dangerous situations created by input voltage instability.


Product Description

Reduced productivity, data loss, security failure, machine faults, inaccurate information and domestic inconveniences are only a few examples of potential problems caused by unsteady supply, resulting in higher managing cost.

The main application fields where devices sensitive to voltage variations can be used are:

  • Industrial sector: oil & gas, laser cutting, water shearing, textile industry, galvanic processes, machinery in general.
  • Food & Beverage: food processing, packaging, bottling.
  • Servicing: banks, hotels & tourist resorts, data centre, laboratories, small businesses, private users.
  • Telecommunications: TV/Radio stations, telecom networks.
  • Public sector: hospitals, public offices & institutions.
  • Renewable sources: solar and wind farms.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage Variation Range:
    +/- 25%
  • Rated Power:
    5 kVA
  • Input Voltage Range:
    172 – 288 VAC
  • Efficiency:
    > 98 %
  • Maximum Input Current:
    29 Amps
  • Output Voltage:
    230 VAC +/-0,5% RMS
  • Speed:
    10 ms/V
  • Output Current:
    22 Amps
  • Frequency:
    50/60Hz +/-5%
  • Enclosure:
    Metallic / IP21 class: RAL 7035
  • Dimensions:
    Width 30cm x Depth 57cm x Height 28cm
  • Weight:
    Approx 47kg

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