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ntop nBox Recorder R24

Product code: nBox Recorder R24

nBox Recorder is a network traffic disk recorder application, which uses the industry standard PCAP file format to dump packets into files so the resulting output can be easily integrated with existing third party or even open-source analysis tools.

nBox Recorder can be effectively used to perform:

  • Off-line network packets analysis by feeding a specialized tool
  • Reconstruct specific communication flows or network activities.
  • Reproduce the previous captured traffic to a different network.

Technical Specifications

  • Certified Dump Performance:
    2 x 10 Gbit/s (2 x 14.88 Mpps) / 2 x 40 Gbit/s (25 Gbit Max, regardless of pps)
  • Storage Size:
    24×1.2 TB
  • RAID:
  • Monitoring Port Options:
    2 x 1 Gbit Intel ZC Copper / 2 x 10 Gbit Intel ZC Fiber SFP+ / 2 x 10 Gbit FPGA-based adapter with Hardware Timestamps / 4 x 10 Gbit FPGA-based adapter with Hardware Timestamps / 2 x 40 Gbit FPGA-based adapter with Hardware Timestamp
  • Form Factor:
    2U 19″ Rackmount
  • IPMI:
  • AC Redundant Power Supply:
  • Dimensions:
    H 43; W 437; D 705 mm

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