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ntop 10/40 Gbit PF_RING ZC Intel [Linux]

Product code: 10/40 Gbit PF_RING ZC Intel [Linux]

PF_RING ZC license (per MAC address) for 10/40/100 Gbit Intel adapters.  Includes 5 days installation support and one year of updates


50 in stock

ntop PF_RING ZC features by ethernet adapter

Link Speed1 Gbit1 Gbit1/10 Gbit10/40 Gbit10/40/100 Gbit10/25/50/100 Gbit
Supported CardsIntel 8254x/8256x/
Intel 82575/82576/
Intel 82599/X520/
Intel X710/XL710Intel FM10000 SeriesIntel E810
Operating SystemLinux (kernel 2.6.32 or better)Linux (kernel 2.6.32 or better)
Traffic Reception
Traffic Injection
Hw packet filteringIntel
82599 only
Hw timestamping (nsec) Intel
82580/I350 only


50 in stock

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