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Napatech NT50B01 SmartNIC

Product code: NT50B01-01-NEBS-2x25/10

Napatech’s NT50B01 SmartNIC is a low-profile data capture card for network performance monitoring.

It provides completely accurate capture of network data at 50 Gbps and supports 100% accurate replay of all network traffic, time-stamped with nanosecond precision.

The NT50B01 SmartNIC is designed to be resilient and long-lasting. The integral blower takes in air from the top and bottom, doubling air flow for superior cooling. This keeps critical components cool, extending its life and meaning less energy is needed to power fans.

An unlimited number of cards can be packed into a single server, space-dependent, for maximum efficiency. Multiple data streams can be merged into one, time-stamped flow for analysis, testing and simulation.

NT50B01 cards can be used in 100G network infrastructures, using any server platform, and are compatible with 2×1/10G and 2×10/25G network monitoring applications.

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