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IXIA Vision E40 System

Product code: SYSE40-24PX-AC

The Ixia Vision Edge 40 packet broker is capable of processing up to 40 GigaBits per second (Gbps) of network traffic.


IXIA Vision E40 System AC Chassis with fixed (48) 1G/10G and (6) 40G ports; Includes license for (24) 1G/10G or (6) 40G ports or any 1G/10G or 40G combination; Operation of (1) 40G port uses (4) 10G port licenses; Optional ports and feature licenses available (MUST use MM850-PLUS-FN for 10G transceiver).

Key Features:

• High density multi-speed network packet broker that is designed for deployment in racks to aggregate traffic
• Exceptionally feature rich stand-alone packet broker that supports 10G to 40G networks
• Easy-to-use web-interface allows you to focus on security rather than configuration
• Comprehensive wizards that makes deployment extremely easy
• Space efficient 1RU design saves rack space in your data center
• Inline and out-of-band capable for flexibility
• Secure serial console port with authentication


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