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Gigamon Passive Optical TAPs

Product code: G-TAP M Series

A network TAP is an external monitoring device that mirrors the traffic that is passing between network nodes. A TAP (test access point) is a hardware device inserted at a specific point in the network to monitor specific data.

Network TAPs provide access to the traffic required to secure, monitor and manage your enterprise network infrastructure continuously and efficiently.

Product Description

Passive optical TAPs create perfect copies of all traffic at full bandwidth. They require no power or management and do not actively interact with other components of the network.

Passive optical TAP solutions available:

  • High Density TAPs: G-TAP M Series
  • Embedded Bypass TAPs: Giga VUE-HC2
  • TAPs for Cisco BiDi links: G-TAP BiDi
  • Economical TAPs: G-TAP G Series


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