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Plixer FlowPro licence options and feature comparison chart

Plixer FlowPro is available in four different editions, depending on the features you need. This chart describes the various licence options and the features they include:

FlowPro licence tiersFlowProFlowPro APMFlowPro DefenderFlowPro APM-Defender
Obtain traffic visibility from all network locations
Monitor network traffic
Virtual appliance available
Physical appliance (with up to 7 monitor ports) available
Monitors via SPAN, mirror port or Ethernet tap
ERSPAN support
Troubleshoot latency issues
Measure application round trip time
Packet-level performance metrics
Resolve network performance issues
Identify layer 7 applications
Monitor latency for layer 7 applications
Monitor latency for clients/servers
Monitor VoIP performance
Detect malware DNS data exfiltration
Detect malware DNS command and control
Detect compromised assets using DGAS
Alert on DNS lookup to known malware C2 sites
Alert on DNS lookup to user-defined domains
FQDN reporting
DNS performance visibility
Upgrade paths are available for FlowPro, FlowPro APM and FlowPro Defender

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