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Info Stor Network Monitoring Fabric

Our network visibility and monitoring package

We developed our Network Monitoring Fabric in response to customer demand to gain better visibility of the traffic on their networks and insight into the health of their network infrastructure.

Launched in 2011, it’s a specialised selection of best-in-class tools which, together, enable:

  • Duplication of all traffic into a separate fabric, purpose-built for intensive monitoring, avoiding impact on network performance
  • Brokering of packets, so only the relevant traffic is delivered to the right tools
  • Generation of full, detailed metadata (such as NetFlow or IPFIX)
  • Collection, long-term storage and comprehensive analysis of metadata (including traffic baselining, thresholds, alarms, network maps and algorithmic behaviour analysis)
  • Full network traffic recording (network packet capture)
  • SNMP (simple network management protocol) polling
  • Log collection and storage and analysis of big data
  • Network traffic analysis (NTA), the best available, for security, performance and other purposes
Info Stor Network Monitoring Fabric

Our solution is fully scalable and is suitable for all types and sizes of organisation, from small e-commerce operations to government bodies and multinational enterprises.

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