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Endace Dag Card DAG9.5G4F

Product code: DAG9.5G4F

Endace’s DAGTM 9.5G4F is a high-performance, quad-port data capture card, designed for use in appliances for monitoring and capturing network traffic at high-speed in 10/100/1000BASE-T

The DAG 9.5G4F is ideally suited for use in network performance monitoring, security analytics, data archival and latency measurement applications in large, complex, network environments where 100% packet capture is critical.


Technical Specifications

  • Monitoring Interfaces:
    4x Fixed Copper RJ45
  • Network Type:
    IEEE 802.3
  • Packet Encapsulations:
  • Hardware Packet Processing:
    Enhanced Packet Processing v2
  • Time Synchronization:
    External: - RJ45 connector for RS-422 PPS and IRIG-B signal from GPS, CDMA, other Endace DAG Cards or EndaceTDS (using adapter) - 1GbE SFP for IEEE 1588 Internal: - Host clock
  • Packet Timestamping:
  • PCI Interface:
    x4 lane PCIe 3.0
  • Operating System Supported:
    Endace software is supported on Linux and FreeBSD
  • Power Requirements:
    Less than 20W
  • Operating Temperature:
    0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
  • Airflow Requirements:
    200 LFM (@50°C Ambient)
  • Operating Humidity:
    5 to 95% non condensing
  • Dimensions:
    Height 110.85mm (4.36”) Length 166.65mm (6.56”)


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