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High Performance Network Traffic Recording Solution

1st March 2019


A large systems integrator in Dubai, UAE required a high performance full packet capture solution to record and retain the last 3 months of network traffic for a large client. They also needed it to generate NetFlow in the form of IPFIX and send it to their clients Securonix SIEM and other components of a data lake they were implementing. A further requirement was to generate Syslog for export to Kafka.

Info Stor supplied a solution consisting of clustered packet capture appliances each containing:

– Large amounts of RAM
– High spec CPU’s
– Large capacity SSD’s for storage and replay
– Multiple ultra high performance packet capture cards
– Software for capturing packets, generating NetFlow/IPFIX and Syslog
– Professional services for installation, configuration and custom development
– Hardware warranty and software maintenance

The solution has been running in Dubai successfully since December 2018.

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